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Today, 3D modeling is used in a vast number of fields.

Movies use computer-generated characters, objects, and environments in animated and live-action films as well as 3D imaging to create an optical illusion of depth.

Most modern games use 3D models and environments to create the virtual worlds that players interact with and explore.

The medical industry uses detailed 3D models of organs, including 2-D image slices from a CT or MRI scan.

Architects and engineers also make use of 3D software programs to show proposed buildings, landscapes, devices, structures, vehicles, and more.

Even scientists have begun using making use of 3D geological models. Seismologists, for example, use them to predict events within the crust of the earth due to shifting plates, erosion, etc.

Anyone interested in any of the above fields will want to learn how to use 3D modeling software programs.