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An IT Network support technician can cater to companies / enterprises having an IT infrastructure including Routers and Switches and Internet connectivity or the companies who are providing Networking devices sales and support.

Monetary compensation

S/He can do a job or can work as an IT Hardware Support Consultant. A fresher can draw up to Rs. 100,000/- p.a.


In any typical industry enterprise having even a basic IT Infrastructure including desktops and laptops, s/he would work with a team of such more hardware and network support technicians who would guide them. S/He can further pursue to become a System Engineer or a System administrator as per his/her liking and abilities.


Typically an IT Hardware Support Technician would make use of tools like IT Helpdesk, hardware monitors, and multi-meters for providing hardware support. Knowledge of few other tools like memtest86, CPUID (open source system hardware monitoring tool), and few similar open source tools can be beneficial for an IT Hardware Support Technician.