In order to enhance learner’s job-readiness, social behavior and ultimately the self-confidence, KLiC IT includes:

  • IT Concepts and General Awareness
  • Typing Skills
  • 21st Century Job Skills
  • 21st Century Everyday Life Skills
  • 21st Century Study Skills
  • 21st Century Citizenship Skills
  • Cyber Security Skills
  • Go Green
  • Netiquettes
  • Ergonomics
120 hours (2 months)
Center, Online
₹ 5000/-
Course Fee is applicable all over India

Inclusive of Course fees, Examination fees and Certification fees. Terms and Conditions applicable. Click here
This course includes:
  • Language: English, Marathi, Hindi
  • Duration: 120 hours (2 months)
  • Learning Mode: Center, Online
  • Jurisdiction: Nationwide
  • Certificate of Completion

  • Learner should preferably a std. 10th Pass student (Not Compulsory)
  • It is desirable that Learner should have done MS-CIT Course (Not Compulsory)


In order to enhance learner’s job-readiness, social behavior and ultimately the self-confidence, KLiC IT includes:

  • IT Concepts and General Awareness
  • Typing Skills
  • 21st Century Job Skills
  • 21st Century Everyday Life Skills
  • 21st Century Study Skills
  • 21st Century Citizenship Skills
  • Cyber Security Skills
  • Go Green
  • Netiquettes
  • Ergonomics
Course Parity with International Standards

The types of skills covered in KLiC IT are - 21st century everyday life-skills, citizenship skills, study skills, job skills along with technical knowledge of operating system/s, MS Office tools, LibreOffice tools and other useful mobile apps and websites that are mapped to the following international IT literary standards:

Sr. No. International IT Literacy Standards
1 California Common Core Standards (CCCS)
2 National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS)
3 Northstar Digital Literacy Standards (NDLS)
4 Microsoft Office Standards (MOS)

What you'll learn ?

In 21st century, most of the new actionable knowledge has delivered digitally. It is stored, presented, distributed, accessed, archived and managed digitally too. It only seems natural that it has become an essential part of one’s personal, professional and social life. It has also transformed the way of living in 21st Century. It attempts to propagate it through IT Awareness, Literacy, Functionality and Applicability among the common people with a view to bridge the Digital Divide and the resultant Knowledge Divide and Development Opportunity Divide. This surely makes a positive impact on one’s job-readiness, social behavior and ultimately boosts the self-confidence, enables him/her to work effectively in the 21st Century workplace.


  • KLiC courses are recognised by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU).
  • MKCL provides certificate to the KLiC learner after his/her successful course completion.
  • Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) provides mark sheet to successfully passed KLiC learners (Jurisdiction: Maharashtra).

Important Dates

  • Batch Commencement: One batch in each calendar month (January to December)
  • Date(s) of Application and Fee Payment by Learner: 1st - 30th day of each calendar month
  • Date(s) of Learner Confirmation by ALC: 1st - 30th day of each calendar month
  • Course Start Date and Date of Issuing Learner Login: Date of admission confirmation

Academic Approach

The academic approach of the courses focuses on the “work-centric” education i.e. begin with work (and not from a book!), derive knowledge from work and apply that knowledge to make the work more wholesome, useful and delightful. The ultimate objective is to empower the Learner to engage in socially useful and productive work. It aims at leading the learner to his/her rewarding career as an employee or entrepreneur as well as development of the community to which s/he belongs. Learning methodology:

  • Step -1: Learners are given an overview of the course and its connection to life and work.
  • Step -2: Learners are exposed to the specific tool(s) used in the course through the various real-life applications of the tool(s).
  • Step -3: Learners are acquainted with the careers and the hierarchy of roles they can perform at workplaces after attaining increasing levels of mastery over the tool(s).
  • Step -4: Learners are acquainted with the architecture of the tool or tool map so as to appreciate various parts of the tool, their functions, utility and inter-relations.
  • Step -5: Learners are exposed to simple application development methodology by using the tool at the beginner’s level.
  • Step -6: Learners perform the differential skills related to the use of the tool to improve the given ready-made industry-standard outputs.
  • Step -7: Learners are engaged in appreciation of real-life case studies developed by the experts.
  • Step -8: Learners are encouraged to proceed from appreciation to imitation of the experts.
  • Step -9: After the imitation experience, they are required to improve the expert’s outputs so that they proceed from mere imitation to emulation.
  • Step-10: Emulation is taken a level further from working with differential skills towards the visualization and creation of a complete output according to the requirements provided. (Long Assignments)
  • Step-11: Understanding the requirements, communicating one’s own thoughts and presenting are important skills required in facing an interview for securing a work order/job. For instilling these skills, learners are presented with various subject-specific technical as well as HR-oriented questions and encouraged to answer them.
  • Step-12: Finally, they develop the integral skills involving optimal methods and best practices to produce useful outputs right from scratch, publish them in their ePortfolio and thereby proceed from emulation to self-expression, from self-expression to self-confidence and from self-confidence to self-reliance and self-esteem!

Register Online

Learner can choose any of the following option:

  1. Online Registration: Learner needs to visit and make an online payment for admission confirmation. Kindly refer online admission process guidelines for more details.
  2. Register at Center: Learner can contact preferable MKCL’s Authorised learning center and coordinate with them for registration process.

In order to enhance learner’s job-readiness, social behavior and ultimately the self-confidence, KLiC IT includes:

  • Overview of computers
  • Uses of computer & accessories
  • Using keyboard for typing
  • Understanding Input, Process and Output
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Using Tethering on Smartphone
  • Using Smartphone for Daily use
  • Overview of Operating System
  • Basic Operations
    • How to start a Computer?
    • How to logoff and hibernate a laptop
    • How to connect a headset to Computer?
    • Learn to interact with computers
  • Personalizing Desktop
    • Changing the Desktop Background
    • Applying a Screen Saver
    • Applying Themes
  • File and Folder Management
  • Using Applications
    • Creating pictures with MS Paint
    • Using Notepad to create a text document
    • Using WordPad to decorate a document
    • Windows Media Player
    • Calculator
    • Sticky Notes
    • Tablet PC Input Panel
    • Windows Games
    • Math Input Panel
  • I can use Google Play Store and download apps
  • I can use Paytm for cashless transactions
  • I can open my net banking account
  • I can use my credit or debit card for online shopping
  • I can create and operate an email account
  • I can reset my email password
  • I can pay telephone bill online
  • I can pay electricity bill online
  • I can recharge my mobile phone online
  • I can protect myself from cyber bullying
  • I can use Internet Explorer to browse web pages
  • I can add websites in favourite folder
  • I can configure and activate internet connection
  • I can print and save web pages
  • I know importance of strong passwords
  • I can build my network for professional upgradation
  • I can book movie tickets online
  • I can use app to search job online
  • I can use GPS Route Finder app to easily track all the visited locations
  • I can use an app to read newspaper online
  • I can share my presentation on SlideShare
  • I can listen to my favourite songs on Saavn app
  • I can use Flipkart app for online shopping
  • I can sell old items online on OLX
  • I can send and receive eFax
  • I can use GST rate finder app
  • I can use Lipikaar app for typing messages in other languages
  • I can send bulk messages
  • I can pay income tax online
  • I can use Evernote app to access my notes everywhere
  • I can use Udemy app for learning and teaching online
  • I can participate in a Webinar
  • I can book train tickets online
  • I can use MakeMyTrip app to organize my trip online
  • I can book air tickets online
  • I can scan QR code using use Barcode Scanner app
  • I can book gas refill online
  • I can search for any location using Google Maps
  • I can enhance the performance of my computer
  • I can transfer data between computer and other devices
  • I can capture a screen using the snipping tool
  • I can compress/decompress files
  • I can protect computer from viruses
  • I can connect computer to a projector
  • I can apply for Birth Certificate online
  • I can apply for Duplicate Birth Certificate online
  • I can apply Aadhaar Card online
  • I can download Aadhaar Card online
  • I can verify Aadhaar Details online
  • I can update Aadhaar Details online
  • I can know all Emergency Numbers
  • I can get help online
  • I can book appointment online in Government Hospital
  • I can apply application form for Enrolment of Children (6 months – 3 years) at Anganwadis
  • I can apply for Age, Nationality and Domicile Certificate online
  • I can apply for Caste Certificate online
  • I can apply for BPL Certificate online
  • I can apply for Learner License online
  • I can book appointment for Learner License Test
  • I can know your vehicle details
  • I can apply for Passport online
  • I can track passport application status online
  • I can apply for Atal Pension Yojana online
  • I can apply for Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana online
  • I can apply for Pradhanmantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana online
  • I can store certificates in Digi locker online
  • I can scan documents and store online
  • I can use Google Drive to store your important files
  • I can apply voter ID card online
  • I can search my name in voter ID card list
  • I can know my Polling Booth
  • I can apply for Driving License online
  • I can book appointment for driving license test
  • I can get trained about Disaster Management
  • I can apply for PAN Card online
  • I can apply for Income Certificate online
  • I can register complaint on Consumer forum
  • I can make an appointment with government officer online booking
  • I can registration on MGNREGA
  • I can view details on MGNREGA
  • I can check Provident Fund Online
  • I can use Rakshak app for safety of women and senior citizens
  • I can download forms
  • I can apply for Marriage Certificate online
  • I can apply for Ration Card online
  • I can apply for Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana online
  • I can apply for Water Connection online
  • I can apply for Electricity Connection online
  • I can apply for toilet Certificate online
  • I can check my property records in the government record
  • check your land records in the government record
  • I can apply for Pradhanmantri Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana online
  • I can apply for Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana online
  • I can register/file FIR online
  • I can apply for Startup Recognition online
  • I can apply for Registration of Partnership Firm online
  • I can apply for Senior Citizen Certificate online
  • I can use mKisan portal and Kisan App
  • I can check weather status in my area
  • I can get my soil health card
  • I can know the market price
  • I can apply for death certificate online
  • I can apply for duplicate death certificate online
  • I can use Google to search more information about study topics
  • I can use Wikipedia to search the information
  • I can use Justdial to search for tutor services
  • I can listen to Online Stories / Classic Literature in any language
  • I watch educational videos online (YouTube)
  • I can search and download eBooks (NCERT)
  • I can improve my vocabulary using VoLT
  • I can check for grammar and spell check
  • I can search synonyms, antonyms, and thesaurus on
  • I can organize my day/ Notes, important points using Google Keep
  • I can keep track of my important events/classes all in one place (Google Calendar)
  • I can share notes during class & get doubts cleared in real time with my classmate's Maths/Physics/Accounts (Google Docs)
  • I can watch educational talks on TED Talks
  • I can participate in Live Discussions (Facebook Live)
  • I can learn by discussions in forums (
  • I can learn a new language by interacting with my phone with the Duolingo App
  • join Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • I can join online courses on
  • I can learn any subject online for free on edX
  • I can learn from Best Colleges in the World - NPTEL
  • I want to learn through videos on Khan Academy
  • I can express my Ideas using Mindmap tool
  • I can find information about The World via
  • I want to learn about the stars by using
  • I want to learn about History using Google Arts and Culture
  • I can learn by playing games & improve my abilities - Elevate
  • I can do science experiments - Physics
  • I can do Math Experiments
  • I can do science experiments - Chemistry
  • I can test my IQ
  • I want to prepare for MPSC
  • I can share information using Slide Share
  • I can make a presentation on my research & take real time feedback via Google Slides
  • I can do clustered search
  • I know about the History of India, chronologically using India History App
  • I can share my knowledge of technology by making a blog via Tumblr
  • I can check my project report for Plagiarism using Plagiarism checker
  • I can access online Research Papers (Google Scholar)
  • I can collaborate with peers to practice for competitive exams like IIT JEE
  • I can understand my personality type -
  • I can conduct a Poll/survey/research using Google forms
  • I can create home design and interior decor in 2D & 3D Architecture via
  • I can draw art on a tablet using an app
  • I can listen to a podcast and learn cool science facts in 60 seconds
  • I can test my EQ
  • I can learn by playing games & improve my abilities - NeuroNation
  • I want to improve my Social Learning/General Knowledge using Facebook
  • I can improve my productivity using StayFocusd App
  • Learn programming/ coding with peers on

MS Word 2019

  • I can make the Coupon
  • I can create Travel Itinerary
  • I can design a GREETING CARD
  • I can make Certificate
  • I can design a Volunteer form
  • I can design a Flyer
  • I can design a Bookmark
  • I can design an Invitation Card
  • I can use templates for Efficient Note Taking
  • I can design a VISITING CARD
  • I can create a Basic Survey Report

MS Excel 2019

  • I can create a Household Monthly Expense
  • I can create a Attendance Report
  • I can create a Exercise Planner
  • I can create a Sales Receipt
  • I can create a Grocery List
  • I can create an Academic Calendar with Photos
  • I can create a Sports Sign Up Sheet
  • I can create a Family Tree Generator
  • I can create a Family Event Calendar
  • I can create a Student’s Grade Book
  • I can create a Vertical Timeline
  • I can create a Weekly Schedule Planner form
  • I can create a Sudoku Puzzle Solver

MS PowerPoint 2019

  • I can create a Recipe Book
  • I can create an Infographic Poster
  • I can create a Quiz Game Show
  • I can create a Memories Album
  • I can create a Biographic Presentation
  • I can create a NGO donation proposal
  • I can create a Business Pitch for a Café
  • I can create a Geography Lesson
  • I can create a Poster for Yoga Workshop

Word Processing (Microsoft Word 2019 / Google Docs)

  • Basic Operations
  • Creating and Editing documents
  • formatting documents
  • Enhancing documents
  • Applying Page Setup
  • Working with various objects like shapes, SmartArt, Pictures and Tables
  • Inserting Header and Footers
  • Linking and embedding documents
  • Previewing and Printing documents
  • Advanced Word Processing
    • Creating and Editing PDF documents
    • Comparing two versions of a document
    • Proofreading of a document
    • Using track changes
    • Including Digital Signature into the document
    • Inserting ActiveX controls
    • Using Table of Contents
    • Using Mail Merge
    • Protecting a document
    • Sharing document online

Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel 2019 / Google Sheets)

  • Creating and editing workbook
  • Organizing and formatting worksheets
  • Data analysis and management
  • Using formulas and functions
  • Previewing and printing worksheets
  • Advanced Spreadsheet
    • Managing multiple worksheets
    • Producing and designing charts
    • Creating Pivot tables and pivot charts
    • Importing and exporting data between spreadsheets and other applications
    • Using advanced functions
    • Applying conditional formatting
    • Using data validation
    • Using sort and filter

Presentation Graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 / Google Slides)

  • Creating and Editing Presentations
  • Designing and Enhancing Presentation
  • Delivering Presentation
  • Advanced Presentation Graphics
    • Creating videos of presentations
    • Saving presentation in various formats
    • Importing and exporting presentations
    • Using templates

Personal Information Manager (Microsoft Outlook 2019 / Gmail Inbox)

  • Setting up a new email account in Microsoft Outlook
  • Sending, receiving, replying, forwarding mail messages
  • Including a signature in outgoing message
  • Scheduling meetings with others
  • Creating contacts and appointments
  • I can manage and maintain strong passwords
  • I can secure my online banking and take care of information safety
  • I can set Emergency Text on andROID phone to be used when it is locked
  • I can track the data (internet) usage on android PHONE
  • I can use good antivirus software for my Laptop and PC
  • I can secure the Profile and other pictures shared on Facebook
  • I can use App Locker tools for important Mobile Apps
  • I can restrict Administrator account access on Personal Laptops
  • I can use "safely remove hardware option” for plug and play devices
  • I am aware about the legal aspects of fake Profiles on Social Media Sites
  • I can secure my WhatsApp DP
  • I know the legal aspects of publishing/transmitting material containing sexually explicit conducts
  • I am aware about defamation through social media and it’s legal implications
  • I am aware about cheating through matrimonial sites
  • I can be careful while Sharing and forwarding on social media
  • I know the importance of using a physical lock for laptop
  • I know the importance of noting down the IMEI Code
  • I can avoid malware while downloading android apps
  • I know about the legal consequences of using cracked or pirated software
  • I know how to secure net banking and online transactions on Public computers
  • I know about data theft and IT Act 2000
  • I know about Online Sexual harassments and it’s Legal implications
  • I know how to protect myself from online lottery cheating and fake messages
  • I am aware about and can protect myself from 'Work from Home' scams
  • I can protect myself from social media blackmailing
  • I know the consequences of downloading unknown Email attachments and safety tips
  • I am aware about the legal consequences of displaying and distributing pirated music/videos
  • I know how to protect data in case of loss or theft of computer/laptop
  • I know what steps to follow if my Mobile is stolen /lost
  • I can use safety tips for using public Wi- Fi networks
  • I can secure my Aadhaar card data
  • I know about the hazards of playing online mobile games
  • I am aware about data theft through shoulder surfing
  • I can use the safety tips while taking selfies
  • I know the legal consequences about data tampering
  • I am aware about the hazards of using mobile while walking or driving a vehicle on road
  • I know the legal aspects of offence like internet and drug trafficking
  • I can protect myself while travelling by a hired car
  • I can identify and protect myself from fraud calls regarding online lucky draw
  • What is booting?
  • Google Name Story
  • What is Data?
  • Google’s Self-Driving Car
  • Know about Information System
  • What is Software?
  • Google Project Loon
  • What is Hardware?
  • Google Glass
  • Various Types of Micro Computer
  • Smart Watches
  • Know about Working of Computer
  • Flexible Technology
  • Use of Internet for Entertainment
  • Transparent Technology
  • Uses of the internet for education
  • Know about Internet & Web
  • What is Browser?
  • What is URL & Hyperlink
  • What is Email?
  • What is Instant Messaging?
  • What is WWW?
  • What is e-commerce?
  • Electronic Commerce Securities
  • Using Wikipedia
  • Domain Name
  • What is Social Networking
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Budhayana
  • About Internet Modem
  • World Wide Web's History
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Navigation Technology
  • Web Based Applications
  • Takshashila
  • Plugins and Extensions
  • Homi Bhabha
  • Filters
  • Larry Page
  • Content Evaluation & Internet Security Suites
  • Home Network and Wi-Fi
  • Device Drivers
  • Device Drivers
  • Disk clean up and defragmenter
  • Motherboard
  • Microprocessor Chips
  • Specialty Processors
  • Bus Lines
  • About AC and DC Power Supply
  • Bus Line
  • What is Binary system & Binary coding scheme
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Unit
  • What is Input?
  • Digital Camera
  • About Output Device
  • About Features of monitor
  • Voice Recognition Systems
  • 3D Printing
  • Card Reader
  • Bill Gates
  • About Storage
  • Optical Disc
  • C.V. Raman
  • Hard Disk and RAID
  • Steve Jobs
  • Using Solid State Storage
  • Mass Storage Devices
  • Tim Berners Lee
  • Internet Hard Drive
  • What is topology?
  • Types of Network
  • Robert Cailliau
  • What is Protocol?
  • Know about Physical Connection Of Networks
  • Analog and Digital
  • Bandwidth
  • Voice Typing using Google Docs
  • Computer Ergonomics
  • Go Green
  • Netiquettes
Software Tools
Sr. No. Tools
Operating System and Internet
1 Windows 10
2 Internet
3 Google Chrome
Word Processor
4 MS Word 2019
5 Google Docs
6 MS Excel 2019
7 Google Sheets
Presentation Graphics
8 MS PowerPoint 2019
9 Google Slides
Personal Information Manager
10 MS Outlook 2019
11 Gmail Inbox
12 Ergonomics
13 Go Green
14 Netiquettes
15 Cyber Security Skills

Evaluation Pattern

Evaluation Pattern of KLiC Courses consists of 4 Sections as per below:

Section No. Section Name Total Marks Minimum Passing Marks
1 Learning Progression 25 10
2 Internal Assessment 25 10
3 Final Online Examination 50 20
Total 100 40
4 SUPWs (Socially Useful and Productive Work in form of Assignments) 5 Assignments 2 Assignments to be Completed & Uploaded
YCMOU Mark Sheet

Printed Mark Sheet will be issued by YCMOU on successful completion of Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 and will be delivered to the learner by MKCL.
YCMOU Mark Sheet will be available only for Maharashtra jurisdiction learners.

MKCL's KLiC Certificate

The certificate will be provided to the learner who will satisfy the below criteria:

  1. Learners who have successfully completed above mentioned 3 Sections i.e. Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3
  2. Additionally, learner should have completed Section 4 (i.e. Section 4 will comprise of SUPWs i.e. Socially Useful and Productive Work in form of Assignments)
    • Learner has to complete and upload minimum 2 out of 5 Assignments