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Skills: 3D movies, Comprehend CGI, 3d animation process, CG modeler, install Blender, Various parts of blender

Outputs: Create a toy, create a Coral, create a Chair, create a Chocolate cube, create a Pipe, create a Pillar, create a Ceiling fan, and create a Bullock cart wheel

Create a toy

Create a chair

Detailed Syllabus:

KLiC 3D Animation

  • Watching 3D movies
  • Entering into CGI industry
  • Beginning with CGI
  • Taking a career path in 3D industry
  • Getting started with 3D software
  • Working with Blender
  • Situation: First model
  • Situation: Coral
  • Situation: Loop cut Rat
  • Situation: N-Gon
  • Situation: Cactus
  • Situation: Pipe
  • Situation: Chocolate cube
  • Situation: Spring
  • Situation: Stone
  • Situation: Pillar
  • Situation: Screw
  • Situation: Top
  • Situation: Temple
  • Situation: Ceiling fan
  • Situation: Rupee
  • Situation: Apple
  • Situation: Bullock cart wheel
  • Situation: Stairs
  • Situation: Football
  • Situation: Monster character
  • Situation: Carom
  • Situation: Soccer net
  • Situation: Flute
  • Adding facial shape keys
  • Situation: Pool table
  • Situation: Couch
  • Situation: Guitar
  • Situation: Balcony
  • Situation: Nomenclature
  • Situation: sculpting human head
  • Situation: Human denture
  • Situation: Retopology
  • Normal map Pineapple man
  • Situation: Watch
  • Situation: Giant wheel
  • Situation: Goggle
  • Delay to send photorealistic image
  • Situation: Bottle
  • Presenting the Model
  • Freelancing
  • Selling 3D Content
  • The Story of CGI
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