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  • There will be On-Demand Examination Facility for learners
  • Please note that, MKCL will NOT directly schedule the examination of eligible learners. ALC has to schedule the examination of eligible learners from their SOLAR login.
  • Those learners (from the above mentioned batches) will satisfy all the below mentioned eligibility criteria will become eligible for Exam Event’:
    1. Photo/Sign approval by ‘Exam Body’.
    2. Minimum 10 marks in ‘Section I - Learning Progression’.
    3. Minimum 10 marks in ‘Section II - Challenges or IPT’.
    4. Completion of Minimum two mini projects
    5. Minimum learning period of 1 month (from the date of payment confirmation on SOLAR i.e. learning start date).
  • Such eligible learners’ list is available in ALCs SOLAR login at below link:
    • Link: Exam-> Examination -> Schedule On-Demand Exam
  • ALC can schedule the examination in coordination with concerned learner. ALC has to select the concerned learner from the above mentioned link so that learner will be able to appear for the available current exam event.
  • Exam Mode:
    • Learner can appear for the final online exam form Center Or
    • Learner can also appear for the final online exam form Home
    • In any case, below mentioned exam conduction guidelines has to be followed:
  • How to appear for Exam / Exam conduction guidelines:
    • Please note that, camera is compulsory in order to appear for the examination
    • If ALC is having OES installed, then no need to install OES again.
    • The exam is available in “Online” tab of ERA explorer (OES).
    • Camera will be mandatorily check before start of examination, if camera is not found then examination will not start.
    • System will also ensure that if in between anyone removes the camera then examination will be stopped automatically.
    • Link for downloading OES: