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Skills: 3D movies, Comprehend CGI, CG Lighting artist, Open ended activity, Lighting to 3D Primitive, Different types lights & light setup, presenting a organic model, lighting scenes according to environment or ambience.

<p>CG Texturing artist, Open ended activity, Texture to 3D Primitive, Different types of Maps, Start using xNormal, Monster, Anisotropic Utensils, Projection Painting</p>
<p><strong>Outputs: Realistic glass, Desert scene, IES light, Gobo light, Bloom Effect, Indoor scene, Night lighting for Desert scene, Bokeh effect, HDRI lighting Earth/Globe, Sword, Stone, Wooden Chair, Glass and Milk texture, Bronze, Subsurface Scattering, Match Box

Gobo light on table

Tree with Light Shafts

Caustics for under water scene

Wooden Chair

Match Box

Detailed Syllabus:

KLiC 3D Lighting & Texturing Artist

  • Watching 3D movies
  • Entering into CGI industry
  • Beginning with CGI
  • Taking a career path in 3D industry
  • Freelancing ,Selling 3D Content
  • Getting started with 3D software
  • Working with Blender
  • Situation first model
  • What is Lighting
  • How to use spot lamp to create table lamp lighting
  • How to apply atmospheric lighting to Desert scene
  • How to use point lamp to create lightball with pillars
  • How to use area light to create TV unit light setup
  • What are advantages of cycles render in lighting
  • How to use Global illumination colour bleeding light bouncing
  • How to use Light Path Node to create realistic glass
  • How to use Blackbody Node for color temperature
  • How to use emission shader to create neon light
  • How to illuminate a brick room using primitives with emitting light
  • How to light interior room using IES light
  • How to create IES lighting manually
  • How to use studio light for presenting a organic monster model
  • How to enhance Pool table usingĀ  HDRI lighting
  • How to add realism to a scene using Gobo light
  • How to use Normal Map in lighting
  • How to bake AO maps for indoor room
  • How to add Bloom Effect to an image using composite nodes
  • How to enhance dessert scene by using Sun flare
  • How to use spot lamp as light shafts from the Tree
  • How to use camera and emission to create bokeh effect
  • How to add caustics for under water scene
  • How to enhance a Corridor scene by adding fog
  • How to create day lighting for indoor scene
  • How to light indoor scene in game engine
  • How to create night lighting for indoor scene
  • How to create night lighting for Desert scene
  • Begin with 3D Texturing: a new Texturing artist takes references
  • How to create Earth / Globe
  • How to create Colgate Box
  • How to create Match box
  • How to Create different types of Maps
  • How to create Sword
  • How to create Stone
  • How to create Monster
  • How to Apply Shaders to Primitive
  • How to Texture on Sphere Objects in cycle render
  • How to create Wooden chair
  • How to create Bulb
  • How to create Glass and Milk Texture
  • How to create Gold
  • How to create Bronze
  • How to create Anisotropic Utensils
  • How to create Tea Cup (Ceramic Shading)
  • How to create Subsurface Scattering
  • How to use Projection Painting
  • Other than CG Lighting artist in brief
  • The Story of CGI

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