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Introduction to Android:

• Features and Versions of Android • Availability of various Android devices in the market • History of Android • About Android Apps • Pre-requisites (System configuration/Hardware configuration/Software configurations) required to start developing android • Android Environment Set-up

Fundamentals of Android Studio:

• Android Studio Fundamentals • Creating a simple Project: Hello Learner • Understanding Android Components like Activities, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers and Views

Basic of Java:

• The Java Language, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), JDK • Setting up Java Environment • Main Java Program • Variables and Data Types o Primitive types o Reference types o Arrays o If Statements • Operators • Decisions, Loops

Object Oriented Programming in Java:

• Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) o Classes and Objects o Constructors o Overloading • Packages • Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance and Exception • Polymorphism  

Handling Events

• Introduction of Event Handling • Declarative, Programmatic Event Handling • Working with Text and Buttons

Working with Multiple Activities

• Activity, View and Layouts • Maps • Component Activation • Pass Data to another Activity - GCF Algorithm • Implicit Intents- Opening an http request • Activity Life Cycle

UI Elements

• Themes and Colors • AppBar, Fragments

Running in the background

• Long running tasks, Async task


• Syntax Errors, Logic Errors and Runtime Exceptions

Data Persistence

• Shared preferences - Application level shared preferences

Internal Storage

• To work with storage • App Number Shapes • Simple application of control structures o FizzBuzz problem o To print a 5×5 multiplication table o Methods

Media: Images, Video & Sound

• Layout • Fading animations

Case Study: Game Connect 3

Using Advanced Android features • List views • Times tables Apps • Timers in Android App • Showing & hiding UI elements • Downloading web content and images • Using Advanced string manipulation • Processing JSON data • App what’s the Climatic condition

Using Maps & Geolocation

• Using maps in your Apps • Customizing your maps • Getting the user's location • Showing the users location on map • Getting information about locations

Using Permanent data storage

• Storing data permanently • Customizing the Action Bar • Using Alert dialogs


• SQLite databases • Advanced SQLite

The Extras

• Working with Bluetooth • Using version control • Setting up Firebase • Including Ads with Admob • Multi-Screen mode

Using Android wear mini-course

• Hello World with Android wear • Adapting Apps for different watch faces  

Advanced Features

• Working with cards, lists • Voice input and Communicating with the users phone • Custom watch faces

Publishing App

• Submitting your App to Google Play • Setting up a marketing website – WordPress

Getting Familiar with codes of various apps

• OLA app • Messenger app • Twitter app • YouTube app • Online Shopping app • Facebook app

Case Study: Jurassic World Alive game

App Marketing, Distribution and Release

• App distribution • Preparing the App for release • Releasing the App • Using Marketing & App Search Engine strategies • Pricing Strategies

Kotlin for Android

• Introduction to Kotlin language • Basic of Kotlin language • Creating Hello Learner project using Kotlin