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Skills: Computational skills and programming concepts (like sequences, iteration, conditionals, variables, and data structures), problem-solving, project-design skills like reasoning logically, debugging problems, developing ideas from primary concepts to final completed project, and concentration & focus.

Outputs: Creating Animations, Interactive Stories, Games, Shooting Game, Aquarium, Dancing Queen, Greeting Card, Whirling Crab

Shooting Game


Detailed Syllabus:

KLiC SCRATCH Programming


  • What are Visual Editors?
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • The Scratch User Interface

Let’s Start Scratching

  • Dancing is also a Program!
  • Step-by-Step
  • Some Steps Further
  • Case Study - Aquarium
  • Planning a Project
  • Creating an Interactive Project
  • Case Study - Greeting card


  • Performing Scripts
  • Build a Band
  • Pink Circle, Blue Square
  • Animation Projects
  • Case Study - Colorful Parrot


  • Characters
  • Conversations and Scenes
  • Case Study - Dancing Queen
  • Creature Creation
  • Case Study – Dialogue


  • Starter Games
  • Scores and timing
  • Case Study - Creating Your Own Sprite
  • Case Study - Whirling Crab

Diving Deeper

  • Cloning
  • Video Sensing
  • Case Study – Emotions
  • Case Study - Electrical Circuit

Scratch Online

  • Setting up a Scratch Account
  • Creating an Online Project
  • Exploring Online Projects
  • Scratch Studios
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