Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited, briefly put MKCL, was formed by a joint initiative of Government of Maharashtra, India and ten leading Universities of the State to create new paradigm in education and development through universalization and integration of Information Technology in teaching, learning and educational management processes in particular and socio-economic transformative processes in general.

MKCL has trained and assessed more than 1 crore youth with its flagship IT Literacy Course, Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology ( MS-CIT ). A completely e-Learning course with world class content, MS-CIT has been able to establish a network of more than 5000 computer institutes.

MKCL also offers a range of vocational courses in eLearning mode to enable seamless learning and skilling of the youth. Not limiting its vision to Maharashtra, MKCL formed unique joint ventures in the States of Odisha and Haryana as OKCL and HKCL respectively, to take the vision of bridging the digital divide to national level. MKCL has its presence in 17 states outside Maharashtra. MKCL has also established its reputation internationally forming joint venture company MKCL Arabia Ltd with MKCL International, FZE, Sharjah, a 100% subsidiary and ICEEL (The International Company for Education & Electronic Learning), KSA. These joint ventures are imparting IT Literacy in their respective regions.

Over a period of seventeen years, MKCL has been able to reach to more than 1 crore people with its mission of Mass IT-literacy, imparting world-class quality learning and skilling. The unique business model of operating and managing a network of more than 5000 learning centers and more than 65000 state of the art computer network has helped MKCL to achieve such numbers. An excellent learning progression monitoring system helps in tracking each and every person’s progress, grasp and quality of skills attained. This easily scalable model is equally easily replicable and is increasingly being accepted by a number of state governments in India and abroad.

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