• Learner will be eligible for KLiC Diploma if S/He completes the 3 Courses(each course should be 120 hr) in time span of 1 Year
  • The period of 1 years will be calculated from Date of Issuance of ERA Login of 1st Course till the date of Final Exam Attempt of 3rd Course
  • Learner can complete KLiC Diploma with combination of any 3 KLiC Courses
  • Learner can take admission for all the 3 KLiC courses at a time or as per his/her convenience
  • Learner can do these courses one after another or simultaneously in MKCL's Authorized Learning Center (ALC)
  • Learner has to successfully complete 3 Courses to become eligible for KLiC Diploma within schedule
  • MKCL will provide the KLiC Diploma Certificate to eligible Learner
  • Learner will also get the individual Course Certificates along with KLiC Diploma Certificate
No. of Hours Learning Only (LO) Mode Fee (Rs.)
(LO) Mode is available all over India
Learning + Placement Assistance Fee (Rs.)
Placement Assistance is available only in Maharashtra State
KLiC Courses of 120 Hours 5000/- 5000 + 500 = 5500/-
KLiC Courses of 60 Hours 2500/-
KLiC Diploma of 360 Hours 15000/- 15000 + 500 = 15500/-