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This Course is designed for a Learner who is involved in the Architectural and Engineering design fields and for those interested in Computer Aided Design (CAD). Learner will be introduced to Computer Aided Drafting skills. The aim of CAD is to introduce Learners to basic information, skills and concepts related to drafting and designing with the help of Computers & Primary CAD Software like AutoCAD.

This course will lead the Learner to a career path in Design industry in which S/he creates & edit Architectural Floor Plans for Residential & Commercial Buildings, Interior Layout, Furniture Designs, Landscape Gardens, Front & Side Elevations, Working Drawings, Location Plans, etc.

S/he also creates Engineering Machinery, Automobile Parts & Assembly drawings as well.

In other words.. Learner will be able to drafts the drawings like 2D (Two Dimensional) Plans, Elevations, Sections, Top View, Front View, Side View & Isometric, etc. At the end of the course the Learner will gain competencies to appear for the International Autodesk Certification : AutoCAD Certified User.