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In order to enhance learner’s job-readiness, social behavior and ultimately the self-confidence, KLiC IT includes:

  • IT Concepts and General Awareness
  • Typing Skills
  • 21st Century Job Skills
  • 21st Century Daily Life Skills
  • 21st Century Study Skills
  • 21st Century Citizenship Skills
  • Cyber Security Skills
  • Go Green
  • Netiquettes
  • Ergonomics

Course Parity with International Standards

The types of skills that are covered in KLiC IT viz. 21st Century Daily Life Skills, 21st Century Citizenship Skills, 21st Century Study Skills, and 21st Century Job Skills along with operating system/s, MS Office Tools, LibreOffice Tools, and other useful mobile apps and websites are mapped to the following international IT Literacy Standards:

Sr. No. International IT Literacy Standards
1 California Common Core Standards (CCCS)
2 National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS)
3 Northstar Digital Literacy Standards (NDLS)
4 Microsoft Office Standards (MOS)